Tim Golden:
- - Diane Ravitch on reform.
- - Integrating tech in the classroom.
- - "Making Teachers Nerdy" (more tech tips).
- - Tips about improving communication.
- - Focused on getting students' influencers more involved.

Anneke Mason:

Desmond Rowe:
Teach Science for All: This resource shares helpful resources and tools for science teachers including reports, useful websites, and online tools. Link:
Science Fix: This resource provides science school topics, lessons, and resources for middle school teachers. Link:
Always Formative: This resource follows a middle school science teacher from California who writes about standards-based grading, education conferences, education books and more. Link:
The Physics of Learning: This blog discusses topics like whether to use iPads in the classroom, the myths of merit pay, and scientific literacy. Link:
Room 611: An Earth science teacher provides insights into class by outlining what is covered in class almost every school day. Link:
Teach for America teachers blog about the ins and outs of the program
Matthew Needleman blogs about tips to integrate technology into the classroom.
A blog about how to motivate students, the effectiveness of testing and the purpose of homework and games
Michael Edlavitch blogs about the games he uses to teach math
A middle-school Algebra teacher blogs about strategies for teaching math in middle school

Teacher Blogs for Science: - By David Wetzel current middle school science curriculum writer By G. Shupe an Apple Educator and former science teacher By a middle school science teacher integrating tech into the classroom - Science teacher that focuses on space education - Science teacher blogging about technology in the classroom

Tommy's suggested blogs - The Musings of a High School English Teacher in Baltimore City - A group blog of ideas and opinions about school reform from graduate students enrolled in an Urban School Reform course. - Tracking education news in the city - Jay Mathews (Washington Post Education columnist)

Grace Gallagher (Spanish blog) (cool resources for teachers---all free) (a blog you can share with Spanish teachers trying to implement TPRS in the classroom). (teaching diversity) (more diversity resources).

Krissy Golden
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