Digital Storytelling Assignments Here

ZooBurst: Simple pop up book creator, limited in features but could be good to tell very simple stories. Utilized often by language teachers. Constrained by limited graphics and pictures library. One nice feature is the ability to add word bubbles for characters.

Check out our masterpiece, Steve and Sheldon Conquer the Robobear. is a movie making website. It is a user friendly way to create scenes with up to two characters. You can choose from a number of preset themes, which determine the actors' characteristics and the available settings. The characters and settings are based on stereotypes. The online version costs money to publish, although you can create low quality, truncated videos without paying. There is also an option to download the program to your computer, which allows you to create for free. I am still downloading the file, which is pretty large, so I do not know if there are any differences between the two versions. There is an option to lock out inappropriate content by turning on education mode. Storybird is a creative, engaging application, which allows young writers to create a storyline based on available pictures.

Pros: This application allows writers to logically organize their thoughts around available information as it relates to the development of characters, plot and settings. This tool is also effective for creating stronger writers and developing critical thinking.

Cons: May be difficult for older students, as more specific artwork may be required for rigorous content assignments.


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