My Five videos:

WHY I TEACH!!! Great Video on Teacher Poems!!

Culturally Responsive Teaching
This resource serves to define cultural responsive teaching. In this short multimedia presentation, 5 aspects that create a culturally responsive environment are covered and examples are presented which show how to create a culturally responsive environment for the students.
Ideas for Culturally Responsive Math and Science Classes
Students give advise to teachers about how to make their classroom more culturally responsive. This resource is good because student give concrete examples about changes that can be made in a classroom to make it more culturally responsive.
Understand Gender Ideologies
This resource looks at how we construct gender identities in an attempt to understand how our ideologies about gender influence how we perceive and treat people of opposite genders. This resource will help you to understand gender ideologies so you may be able to empower your students.
Dr. Kavatus Newell of the University of Mary Washington College of Graduate and Professional Studies discusses Culturally Responsive Teaching.
This resources discusses how instruction can be differentiated to accommodate students with different cultural backgrounds. Other issues such as teaching students to be self advocates for their culture could help them by helping the teachers to understand their culture. This resource also discusses the issue of scaffolding to accommodate students of different cultures, this is important in order to give all students access to the content.
Hip Hop: Today's Civil Rights Movement?
Author Says Musical Culture More Relevant than King Speeches
This resource helps with understanding African American culture through Hip-Hop. Listening to the interview with Todd Boyd gives teachers a new perspective on African American culture especially in relation to the 1960s civil rights movement.